Action Learning, The Brafferton Group [download]


  • The Action Learning Toolkit, Edmonstone John (2003)
  • Action Learning: Principles, Practice, Resources, Edmonstone, John (2010)
    Part 1 (the “ethos” of AL); Part 2: action learning in practice, Part 3 is a compendium of useful resources.
  • ABC of Action Learning, Revans RW (1998) Lemos & Crane
    The ABC of Action Learning is the only one of Reg Revans’ books in print. Lemos & Crane www.lemosandcrane.com
  • Action Learning for Managers, Pedler M (1996) Lemos & Crane
    A short practical introduction to action learning, illustrated with diagrams, checklists, questionnaires and case studies.
  • The Action Learning Toolkit, Pedler M (2003)
    A trainers’ toolkit with lots of handouts, activities & CD Rom
  • Action Learning: Research & Practice
    The International Journal for Action Learning is available from Taylor & Francis at: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/14767333.asp
  • The Action Learning Northern Network: http://www.merseycare.nhs.uk/learning_zone/Action_Learning_-_Northern_Network.asp