Introduction to the Birkman method [download]

MRG’s Leadership Effectiveness Analysis

Introduction [download]

LEA 22 Behaviours [download]

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Type and Health: Doctors and Patients [download]

Getting Clearer about your MBTI Type [download]

MBTI Dimensions [download]

Dealing with Differences [download]

Transactional Analysis

‘OKness’, Assertion and Conflict Styles [download]

Life Positions and The OK Corral [download]

The Drama Triangle [download]

The Behavioural Modes Model [download]


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  • OPP Ltd produce a useful and accessible series of ‘Introduction to Type’ booklets focusing on:
    Innovation, Learning, Leadership, Project Management, Careers, Type Dynamics, Organisations, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence,Communication, Conflict, Decision Making, Change and Teams
    – MBTI – Type series and booklets
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