Safety Leadership Programme

In association with The Taylor Clarke Partnership

This programme’s overarching aim is to reinforce safety leadership in Wood Group by raising leaders’ awareness of the role they play, and to galvanise them to demonstrate their care and concern for safety throughout the Group.

Programme Objectives and Overview:

  1. To explain how Wood Group will benefit from a safety leadership programme.
  2. To refresh leaders’ awareness of their moral and legal responsibilities for safety.
  3. To ensure leaders are clear on their own role as a safety leader and how they can help create and sustain a positive safety culture in Wood Group.
  4. To equip leaders to carry out more effective Frontline Focus activities especially Advanced Safety Conversations (ASCs) in order to help them become even better safety leaders.
  5. To allow leaders to reflect on and make a personal commitment to change how they manage safety.

The Safety Leadership Programme is being delivered across Wood Group in over 15 locations globally. It started with the Group Board Executive in Summer 2010 and it has been cascaded down through the organization via executive level staff to senior managers and senior HSE professionals and now to managers across the Group. It is designed to act as a ‘spearhead’ initiative as Wood Group continues to work on further enhancing its safety culture, practices and performance. Read more about lucky 88 pokie. SLP complements and builds on existing HSE initiatives and acts as a source of shared learning across the Group. It has full Board level backing and has been jointly designed by Taylor Clarke and the Group HSE department.

The Brafferton Group works as Senior Associates of Taylor Clarke and continues to contribute to a number of their flagship programmes.